Change your Brain. Reverse your Pain. 

  Novel movements that repattern neural pathways for lasting change. 

I want to live in a comfortable body.
Show Me How.

Less PAIN... ...More JOY

Change your Brain. 

Reverse your Pain. 

Gentle Movements * Self-Healing * Lasting Change

Less PAIN... ...More JOY

This Course helps you explore and embody a new level of ease, joy and freedom you have yet to experience. 

We created the You Are The Cure: Pain-Free Living course based on cutting edge neuroscience, somatic psychology, developmental movement and our combined 50 years of experience helping our students move out of pain and limitations into their power, joy and potential.  

This course offers you a whole body-brain approach to transform soreness, stiffness, stress or chronic pain into a new level of ease, choice and connection to your body and a freer, happier you. When you leverage your innate body intelligence to self-heal, you address the root of your problem instead of just symtoms. This "rebooting" of your brain's software unlocks lasting improvements in all areas of your life. 

Our vision is that this course creates as many positive changes in your health, relationships or business, as it has for us and our students.  

I'm curious.  I'd like to register. 

About the creators of the You Are The Cure: Pain-Free Living Course

Judy Greenman  

Judy Greenman has over 20 years experience in the fields of body awareness and somatic re-education. She offers on-line and live transformational coaching programs to individuals and groups internationally.  

Her unwavering commitment to help people free up chronic pain and restore ease, choice and joy inspired her to create the on-line Body Brain Freedom Academy.  

Judy's individual and group transformational coaching programs and trainings draw on her extensive background in body-brain centered modalities including Integrated Awareness®, Cortical Field Re-Education®, Craniosacral Therapy, Conscious Parenting, Transformational Coaching, and The Feldenkrais Method®. 

Melissa Krikorian

A Physical Therapist with a private practice, Melissa Krikorian has stayed curious and tenacious over the past 30 years tracking down and implementing unique ways to spark our genius brain’s self-healing capacity.  

The Medical Industrial Complex has evolved into a cumbersome maze of often misleading information and unclear, costly alternatives. Using this course’s approach, hundreds of patients and clients move away from dismal diagnosis to health and wellness with an even richer and deeper appreciation for life than before their illness or accident. 

Melissa is a Cortical Field Re-Education® Practitioner and Cranial/SacralTherapist. 


Some Benefits of YOU ARE THE CURE On-Line Course  

  • Relief from pain and symptoms. 
  • Improved flexibility, movement and co-ordination.  
  • Greater ease and comfort in daily activities.  
  • Quick recovery from injury and surgery.  
  • Better balance.  
  • Improved mood and energy levels.  
  • Reduced inflammation and improved circulation.  
  • Improved breathing.  
  • Improved ability to relax and sleep.  
  • Reduced muscular tension, stiffness, and soreness. 
  • Reduced stress and anxiety. 
  • More gentle and kind attitude toward yourself (and others.)  

Join You Are The Cure: Pain-Free Living Course Today!


Limited Time $997

Join the You Are The Cure: Pain-Free Living Course Today


Limited Time $997

What Other's Are Saying...

I'm so impressed! This virtual program is GOLD for those who are completely new to this work, current students, and professionals who would like a pathway and platform to teach this method to their clients. 

It's efficient, potent and makes sense. You can take the learning at your own pace, revisit the tools that most influenced you as an individual, and utilize the program as a comprehensive self teaching tool. Often times virtual programs can be dry and boring. 

Melissa and Judy have taken that world to a new level, as they safely guide you through interactive participation and getting to know yourself on a deeper level. This work has enhanced who I am both, as an individual and as a practitioner in key ways. 

Thank you! - Monica Lesslie, DPT, AWC, MFDc, RYT-500

The following 5 modules begin awakening your body intelligence to move you out of limiting habits toward your best life. 


The Orientation teaches you how to make the most of this whole body experiential course. You will be given an Assessment and a Discovery Survey to get you started on your journey.

Module 1: Learning to Sense Myself

In this module, you will use slow, gentle, novel movements to increase your body awareness. You will begin to sense and feel more clearly where you can reduce effort and increase ease. 

Module 2: Learning to Connect Myself

In this module, your increased awareness will begin strengthening your body-brain connection to create new neuropathways for easier, more comfortable movement. Since your brain in an integrated control board for everything you do, as you begin to move better, you will improve how you feel, think and act. 

Module 3: Learning to Organize Myself

In this module, you will continue to increase your ability to sense and feel subtle differences. This allows your brain to organize your movement patterns away from habitual overuse and misuse back to healthy whole body balanced movement you enjoyed as a child, but lost along the way. 

Module 4: Learning to Support Myself

In this module, you will explore using your bones for aligned skeletal support. This frees chronically contracted muscles for ideal functional movement and optimal self-healing. This increased sense of physical suppor translates into a sense of more emotional support. 

Module 5: Learning to Allow Myself 

In this module, you will be practicing the enhanced awareness of your body, movement and emotions to reverse pain and allow more freedom in all areas of your life. 

Most students experience a new level of choice, sovereignty and acceptance of themselves and others.  

Join the You Are The Cure: Pain-Free Living Course Today!


Limited Time $997