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Free Your Neck

Free your Neck to Unleash more Presence, Purpose & Potential

How you hold your neck influences your brain's neurotransmitters, how freely you express yourself and how whole you feel.

When you free up your neck, you automatically unlock permission for more presence, power & connection.... to yourself and others.

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About Judy Greenman

Founder, Body Brain Freedom Academy,
International Trainer, Teacher and Coach

Judy has 20 years of experience in the field of Somatic (Body) Intelligence.

Her expertise offers pain-free movement, powerful presence and liberating self-trust for her students.

She has guided thousands back to their genius nervous system and the compelling combination of embodied awareness, soul alignment, and deep authenticity -- a strong foundation for sustainable ease, union and congruence in life and business.

Judy's work is a unique blend of Neuroscience based modalities including Integrated Awareness®, Cortical Field Re-Education®, Transformational Activation® and The Feldenkrais Method®.

Learn more about Judy’s breakthrough coaching, retreats, Academy Courses and VIP Days at


Judy’s Cell: 305-393-1315. "Feel free to be old fashioned and call." -- J.G.

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