Living life freely and fully is what we teach at the Body Brain Freedom Academy… And getting you out of pain is the first step. That’s why our mission is to help you live and move pain free with our unique approach.

At BBF we help you upgrade your nervous system by working deeply below your surface symptoms. Instead of just giving you temporary relief, we help you rewire your brain to get back to the ease and comfort that you probably enjoyed as a child… and may have lost along the way.

How we do that is… we use gentle, specifically designed movements with awareness to wake up your brain so it can restore new, easier, healthier ways of moving, thinking, feeling, and acting.

It would be my privilege to support you in the next steps of your journey to becoming pain free,.. living each day fully… and eliminating any blocks to you sharing your gifts that would make our planet a better place.

Please call or text me for your complimentary 15 minute Discovery Session to see if, and how… I can help you move freely and with more ease… in your body, business or life.

Call or Text: +1 305-393-1315