About The Work of Body Brain Freedom

How we sit, stand, move, feel about ourself, or respond to the world is the result of patterns wired into our nervous systems in early chilhdood. Overtime these patterns become outdated and often cause discomfort, chronic pain, or lack of flexiblity in all aspects of our life. People tend to accept these unconciosu habits as “normal” or “aging”. Don’t be one to just settle for these myths.

Scientists call your brain’s ability re-learn new connections and replace old limiting habits that keep you stuck “neuroplasticity”. Body Brain Freedom methods use this natural system to “rebooting the operating system (your brain) of slugglish bodies” so you do what you want to more efficiently and without undesired shutdowns or problems.

Some of the Benefits Are:

  • Relief from muscular-skeletal pain in your back, neck, head, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, hands, pelvis, and jaw.

  • Improved flexibility, mobility and co-ordination.

  • Easier, more comfortable daily activities like walking, standing, sitting, turning, bending, getting up out of a chair or off the floor and climbing stairs.

  • Quick recovery from injury and surgery.

  • Better balance.

  • Improved mood and energy levels.

  • Reduced inflammation and improved circulation.

  • Improved breathing.

  • Improved ability to relax and sleep.

  • Reduced muscular tension, stress and anxiety.

  • Greater ease and pleasure in daily physical activities.

Cortical Field Re-Education (CFR)

– Esalen Institute President, Gordon Wheeler


BodyBrainFreedom combines Integrated Awareness®, Cortical Field Re-Education®, The Feldenkrais Method ® and Strategic Intervention for results that are typically immediate and profound. With a unique blend of neuroscience, biomechanics, psychology, strategic life coaching, and other neuro-somatic approaches, the sessions teach you how to change neural pathways through movement to improve and optimize your body’s own internal healing process. You’ll learn how you can create more comfort, mobility, balance and vitality, in your life using the innate intelligence of your brain.

Body Brain Freedom® frees up physical, mental and emotional resistance in your body to allow chronic pain, muscular tension, habitual stress and  limiting beliefs to release.

The methods used are safe, gentle and appropriate for all ages and abilities.


Is this work right for me?

Since the methods used in this course improve the fitness of the brain and body it can be useful for everyone. The course helps many people overcome pain, reverse the symptoms of aging, rediscover ease, vitality and joy. Musicians improve their playing, golfers improve their stroke, injured athletes get back to their sport, and active healthy people move more freely and live more fully.

What should I expect at Body Brain Freedom events?

You will be guided through a series of slow, gentle and specialised movements, normally in a lying position but occasionally sitting or standing. These movements are safe for all participants regardless of age and physical condition. This style of slow self-exploration may not feel comfortable at times because the body will be freeing up compensations that were masking an uncomfortable sensation it had been experiencing. The beauty of this learning is that you will be trading these compensations for genuine healing and healthy function as improved awareness of your movement patterns releases your unconscious holding that have been causing physical, emotional and mental limitations or energetic blocks.

This increased ability to sense and feel what you are doing allows you to make: the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant. At the end of each session, participants are given an opportunity to share their experiences and discoveries.

What types of methods are used?

The course is based on the Body Brain Freedom (BBF) approach which improves movement, learning and health.  BBF blends methods such as Integrated Awareness®, Cortical Field Re-Education®, The Feldenkrais Method® and Strategic Intervention. These methods of self development and somatic education are based on scientific principals of: neurology, pyschology, biomechanics, physics, and marital arts, and optimise the neuroplasticity of the brain to heal the body.

Why work with brain neuroplasticicty and and not the symptoms?

It would seem to make sense to treat our symptoms, but latest research shows that 90% of our movement is processed by the brain and only 10% is in the physical movement itself, so when our bodies are out of alignment it makes perfect sense to work at the level of brain function. This is the way our Body Brain Freedom methods work, and the reason we have such incredible results.

How long will the changes last?

As the BBF methods (detailed above) are working at the deepest level of the body-brain connection, it’s normal to expect lasting change from improvements experienced during the workshop.

What sort of conditions does this workshop help?

The workshop is particularly helpful for problems such as: restricted movement, chronic pain,shoulder and back pain, arthritis, TMJ, fibromyalgia, sciatica, anxiety and depression. It may also be helpful for other conditions.

How is this course different than yoga, stretching or physical therapy?

Unlike Yoga, stretching, or physical therapy,  the course does not involve stretching or holding of positions and does not stress muscles and joints, and is therefore very safe. The benefits are attained by constantly introducing new movement patterns instead of repeating and holding set poses. All the movements are carried out slowly and gently, allowing for change and improvements to be realised instantaneously. The repertoire of new and improved movement skills grows very quickly.

One also learns the underlying principles of harmonious movement, and the attitudes that bring us maximum health and vitality. As in Yoga, there is a spiritual component to the methods used, which enhances feelings of well being and the unity of mind and body.

What are the typical outcomes of this course?

This course will help to improve the overall fitness of your body and brain, which often leads to vast improvements in physical health. Many previous course participants have overcome health issues they’ve been battling with for years, using more traditional methods of treatment. Many have also experienced a renewed vitality and sense of freedom and happiness, that their limitation and pain had been suppressing.

Do I need any prior experience?

No prior experience is needed to participate in Body Brain Freedom workshops.