Movement For Life – Cortijo Romero – Granada, Spain

Re-educate your body. Move freely. Live full

SUNDAY JUN 20, 2021 TO SUNDAY JUN 27, 2021

Begin to re-learn the ease, fluidity, and spontaneity you knew as a child but lost along the way. Awaken your genius nervous system and body-brain connection to:

  • Release chronic aches and pain
  • Reverse stress and anxiety
  • Restore whole body movement and flexibility
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Access natural calm and sounder sleep

Students report feeling more alive, aligned, free to be fully themselves again.

CHAI (Life) Lesson Series


Experience 8 Weeks of Lessons to embody ease and choice in your life to live fully, move with more flexibility, and enhance your sensitivity and gratitude toward subtle changes.

You will be heightening your vibration, reawakening your senses, reconnecting to your Self, and embodying transformative gratitude.

You will be supported for the next few months to end this challenging year in a peaceful, rejuvenated state — home in your body.

Our time together will renew your spirits, immune system and life. Benefit from the power of our synergistic group energy.

Unlock the self-healing power of your brain.  Begin improving your body-brain connection with this free audio guided Body Awareness Scan.